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Mom to 3 gorgeous kids! Love Webkinz, love to read, love Harry Potter. I bake and sell cheesecakes and I love to scrapbook. My dad died March 5, 2007, a day that changed my life forever. Lung cancer is a horrible disease . I am an Army brat that married her best friend. If it weren't for the Army we never would have met. I miss moving around and seeing the World but I also love the stability of being in one place. I have a teenage son and two younger daughters. My son was diagnosed with Pseudotumor Cerebri in 2006.  Also known as Intracrainial Hypertension, it's when your body doesn't absorb spinal fluid and puts pressure on the brain including the optic nerve.  He's doing really well and it seems he's in remission.  Life is busy...life is interesting...life is good....life is blessed.

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